Robert Mutuma Moria

Robert Mutuma Moria

Horticulture farmer, Meru County, Kenya

Robert started farming 4 years ago, after quitting his job in Nairobi as a procurement officer. He owns 35 acres of land in Meru County. Robert and his family are entirely dependent on farming for their livelihood. Robert plants cabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots. He noticed his farm wasn’t productive enough despite applying tonnes of fertilizer, that’s when he decided to test his soil.

Robert was introduced to soil testing by a soil expert from Farmers centre Meru. The expert helped him take soil samples for testing and he received the results quickly. The results showed his soil was highly acidic and was advised to apply lime and use CAN at planting and for top dressing. Of the 35 acres only 10 acres was tested.

Robert planted cabbages in half an acre of the tested land, which he admits did extremely well.

“Before soil testing the cabbage head was small weighing 2-3 Kgs, but after I applied the recommendations of SoilCares the size increased up to 7kg per head.”

Initially Robert could plant 5000 pieces, but half of it used to go to waste as damages and a little for family consumption, leaving him with only 2500 pieces to sell. But after following the recommendations Robert managed to get 4500 pieces of cabbages for sale, and the rest he saved for family consumption,

“I used to sell a piece of cabbage for 15 shillings, as they were small and unhealthy, but after I changed my soil management, I could sell a piece of cabbage at 35 shillings.”

Robert is now constructing a dam in his farm with his increased crop income. His future plans is to invest in dairy farming and drip irrigation.

“I am happy with SoilCares Services, from the support you give to farmers and the way you answer our questions, indeed you Care.”