2020 Impact study on AgroCares scanners in Kenya

2020 Impact study on AgroCares scanners in Kenya

In October 2020, 60 decibels, an independent impact measurement company assessed the impact of the AgroCares' scanner on the livelihoods of farmers in Kenya. What they found is that, even in times of pandemic crisis, informed based decisions had a positive impact of the lives of most of the 260 interviewed farmers.

Among the key results of this study are:

1) 85% of the farmers were testing their soils for the first time thanks to the scanner technology

-> the scanner is reaching an underserved population.

2)  72% of the farmers report an improvement in their way of farming thanks to the recommendations.

-> the scanner changes the way of farming for this underserved population.

3) The farmers reported an average 22% increase in revenue from crops that were tested with the AgroCares scanner by Fadhili Africa

-> Soil testing and soil fertility recommendations have a real impact on farming revenues.

This study was commissioned by MercyCorps and farmer data were made available through Fadhili Africa, the landing partner of AgroCares for Kenya. 

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