Enthusiastic participants at the first soil fertility training in Kampala

Enthusiastic participants at the first soil fertility training in Kampala

After many successful trainings in Kenya, 8th of February was time for the first soil fertility training in Kampala, Uganda. The training was attended by 7 eager to learn participants. The training was organized by SoilCares foundation in collaboration with AgroCares.

What was the purpose of the training?

The main objective of the training was to give the participants a basic understanding of soil science and its application in agriculture. During this one-day fertility training, the importance and understanding of soil testing was discussed with the participants. 

Overall impression of the participants

Young people from different companies and government institutions involved in agriculture joined the training.

Florent Mournetas, Trainer during the event: “The participants showed interest and were eager to learn about new technologies concerning soil testing. Thanks to the small size of the group, there was a good atmosphere and lively discussions took place with and among the participants. Overall, the participants very much appreciated the training and found the materials and methods very useful.”

What message did participants take home?

After the training, the participants evaluated the training and gave suggestions for improvement.

One of the key message they brought home was the importance of soil analysis, and how it can generate higher income for farmers thanks to better fertilizer use. Their main suggestion is to provide more trainings on soil testing. They hope to have continuous trainings on soil science and fertility.

Next training

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