Participants from 3 different countries at our second soil fertility training

Participants from 3 different countries at our second soil fertility training

Discussing the threats and opportunities of future food production and soil fertility – this was the main objective of the soil fertility training organized by SoilCares Foundation in collaboration with AgroCares Africa.  In this edition 24 people from 3 different countries joined the training that took place on 19th of October in Kenya. Our partner GIZ kindly hosted the event in their office in Nairobi.

A repeated success

After the great interest in the first soil fertility training in May 2018, SoilCares Foundation decided to organize the training for a second time. This time the training had an international setting. Participants from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda actively discussed soil fertility and food security. The training also evoked a lively discussion about improving farming practices in Africa. All attendants received a certificate of participation at the end of the training.

AgroCares Scanner

Christy van Beek, director of SoilCares Foundation and trainer during the event: “The trainees were particularly interested in AgroCares technology and how they could benefit from it. That is why we devoted a substantial part of the training on explaining how it works. We also demonstrated AgroCares Scanner for soil analysis and discussed its benefits.”

Enthusiastic feedback

Christy van Beek: “We received very enthusiastic reactions after the training.  We asked the participant for suggestions for the future trainings and the most common recommendation was to extend the training and offer it in other towns, in rural areas and abroad. We took this advice seriously and we are already planning the next training!”

Next training

Are you interested in attending the next training? Please leave your contact information here and we will inform you about our upcoming trainings and events.