Promising first results in Scanning for Success project

Promising first results in Scanning for Success project

On 13 September the SoilCares Foundation presented the first results of the Scanning for Success project at an event in the Carmelite Retreat Centre in Nairobi. 

Scanning for Success is a project set up by the Rabobank Foundation and theSoilCares Foundation in which 165 Soil Scanners were made available for local partners in Kenya. In the past nine months the SoilCares Foundation has found 15 partners, which were almost all present at the event for the exchange of ideas, role plays and a marketing and presentation training.

First results

Christy van Beek, Director of the SoilCares Foundation: "We started distributing the Soil Scanners early 2017 and we are now really satisfied about the first results of the project. Almost 50 Soil Scanners are frequently being used now and our partners are starting to see the results of the recommendations made with their Scanners. To see the enthusiasm of our partners in Kenya about the impact they make is truly great."

Christy van Beek: "We will definitely continue to organise events like this in which we share knowledge and experiences. We learned a lot from our Kenyan partners and they learned from us. Some of them have developed really smart techniques to get their message across with the farmers for example. It was very interesting for us to learn about this. We will continue to monitor the project closely over the next six months and we will make some qualitative analyses to check the quality of the recommendations."

Prize for user with most scans

The SoilCares Foundation also awarded a trophy for the user that made most scans for smallholder farmers. The award was won by Henry Kangere. He made over 422 scans in nine months. Besides that the SoilCares Foundation offered partnersa certificate and an ID badge that they could show to Kenyan farmers.

Looking for new partners

In the next six months the SoilCares Foundation will extend the project to Uganda and Rwanda and will continue to look for new partners. So if you are interested in increasing the livelihoods of smallholder farmers with this project, please contact us at

About the Scanning for Success project

Mid 2016 the Rabobank Foundation decided to support the SoilCares Foundation with 165 Soil Scanners in Kenya. The aim of the project is to increase the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and to stimulate
local entrepreneurship. The distribution of the Soil Scanners started in January 2017.