Soil health improves significantly in one year

Soil health improves significantly in one year

Since its launch in 2017 in Kenya, the AgroCares scanner has been used more than 100,000 times for soil analyses. Among farmers that tested their soils with the scanner, many of them repeated soil analyses year after year. We compared results from 9 fields randomly selected in Kenya that were sampled in 2019 (or the year before) and in 2020. This study shows consistent and positive results!

The striking outcome of this first resampling study is that in already one year, a significant increase in soil health for almost all parameters was found. This shows that although soil health usually evolves over a period of several years after a certain action, there is a clear potential for short-term impact on soils thanks to soil analyses and soil fertility recommendations.

Such results call for a more extensive study that includes more farmers, which will be enabled by the growing farmer base using the AgroCares technology. 

The absence of significant effect of soil fertilizer recommendations on potassium is explained by the low use of potassium-based fertilizers in Kenya.

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