SoilCares Foundation nominated for the Glinka Prize

SoilCares Foundation nominated for the Glinka Prize

The SoilCares Foundation is nominated for the Glinka World Soil Prize. The nomination is an acknowledgement for the contribution of the SoilCares Foundation to more sustainable soil management. The Glinka Prize is awarded annually by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to individuals or organizations who are actively engaged in promoting sustainable soil management and enhancing the quantity and quality of the available soil data and information.

Why is the SoilCares Foundation nominated?

ISRIC nominated SoilCares Foundation because they believe the Foundation is a potential game changer. ISRIC: “With this nomination we wish to stimulate SoilCares Foundation in its objective to bring soil information in the hands of smallholder farmers.”

SoilCares Foundation is nominated particularly because of our work with the SoilCares Soil Scanner in Kenya. Within less than 6 months we reached more than 1,500 Kenyan farmers and provided them with access to practical soil information and fertilisation advice.

About Glinka World Soil Prize

The Glinka World Soil Prize honors individuals and organizations whose leadership and activities have contributed to the promotion of sustainable soil management and protection of world’s soil resources. The Prize aims to keep up the momentum generated by FAO’s International Year of Soils 2015. The prize is named after the prominent Russian soil scientist Konstantin Glinka (1867-1927). The first Glinka World Soil Prize was awarded on the World Soil Day 2016 to the Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi from Colombia.