Well-attended second SoilCares Clinic in Nairobi (Kenya)

Well-attended second SoilCares Clinic in Nairobi (Kenya)

Showing the potential of the technology, informing participants about the latest developments in SoilCares technology and sharing experiences; that were the main goals of the second SoilCares Clinic that took place on 1 February 2018. Over 60 representatives from 40 different companies that currently use the Scanner and Lab-in-a-Box in East Africa attended the event.

Updates about technology development and SoilCares support

During the morning sessions the latest developments in SoilCares technology were shared with the audience. It was also explained how they could extend their service portfolio with the same device but with different applications. Another session was about how SoilCares is improving its customer support with Zendesk support pages.

Christy van Beek, Director of the SoilCares Foundation: “It was very good to give the participants more background on our fertilizer recommendations and the algorithms that are behind it. It is great to be able to provide more insights into how the Scanner works and see the audience really understanding the value of the technology that SoilCares has developed.”

Besides the informative sessions, three partners shared their experiences and participants got the opportunity to build on their network during the network drink at the end of the event.

Marketing award for the Africa IPM Alliance

There was also an award for the best marketing idea and four partners handed in their marketing idea. The award for best marketing idea  was won by the Africa IPM Alliance. Their idea was to make it mandatory for farmers to test their soil before planting new seedlings. Christy van Beek: “We selected Africa IPM Alliance as a winner, because their idea gives a very direct incentive to do soil analysis.”

Huge potential

The organisers look back at a successful event. Christy van Beek: “Our goals were all achieved at the second edition of the SoilCares Clinic. The best thing was that our clients and partners are really starting to see the huge potential of the technology and how they can make a real profit with it.”


SoilCares will continue to organise events like these events. We have a new interesting training planned for May 17. You can keep track of the programme of our training by subscribing to our newsletter

Check photos from the SoilCares Clinic below.