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SoilCares Foundation helps farmers worldwide by providing fast and affordable soil nutrient management recommendations. Soil is the main production factor for millions of smallholder farmers who obtain their daily livelihoods from this precious source. However, soil is also the most mismanaged production factors and more than 10 million hectares of fertile land are degraded each year.

Help us to do our work! Make a farmer happy and conserve the land for future generations. SoilCares Foundation has the following options for donations:

1. Farmer family: 5 Smallholder farmers receive a tailor made fertilizer recommendation and know how to manage their soil properly: 25 Euro

2. Scanning for business: one young entrepreneur is equipped with a Scanner for a period of 3 months. After three months, the entrepreneur may decide to buy the Scanner at production price, or return the Scanner to SoilCares: 500 Euro

3. Make it happen: For smallholder farmers, buying the inputs mentioned on the recommendation, may be a major bottleneck. With this option SoilCares Foundation gives a two day training to a cooperative, including soil sampling and recommendations and establishes partnerships with local input providers: 2500 Euro

For each of the gift options the donor will receive a certificate of compliance and a result leaflet.

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