Eager participants at soil fertility training in Nakuru

Eager participants at soil fertility training in Nakuru

After previous successful trainings in Nairobi, we organized our first soil fertility training in Nakuru on February 1st. The training was organized together with our partner Farming Systems Kenya and it was attended by 24 participants from various regions. 

Why Nakuru?

After the great success of previous soil fertility trainings in Nairobi; there was a strong demand in the market to organize this training in other parts of Kenya. The SoilCares Foundation decided to organize it in Nakuru this time as the town is situated rather centrally in the agricultural productive part of Kenya. 


From basic to more in-depth knowledge

During the training different aspects of soil fertility were covered. This ranged from the chemistry of soil nutrients to various soil management practices. All topics started at a basic level, but some aspects were also discussed more in-depth. The trainees came from different regions and they all received a certificate of participation at the end of the training. Our partner GIZ kindly supported the event with lunch and printing materials. 


Participants eager to learn

Christy van Beek, Director of the SoilCares Foundation and trainer during the event: “The participants were very enthusiastic and eager to contribute to a fruitful discussion. Theoretical concepts were tested to the experiences from the field. The participants were very determined to become familiar with the calculations behind soil management. When they were working on an exercise about fertilizer recommendations for example, the tea break started. However, everybody remained in their chair and worked to find the answer to the exercise. It is great to see participants that were so eager to learn about soil fertility!”


The opinion of one of our participants

The participants were happy with the content of the training. Kaituyu Athanasious, Agrico East Africa: "The training was comprehensive in covering different aspects of soil fertility. I liked how the trainers were able to breakdown in an elaborate manner the importance of maintaining healthy soils for world's food security."


Soil fertility deserves more attention in Kenya

Christy van Beek: “With this training we can really contribute to more awareness of the importance of soil fertility. After the training, there was a broad consensus among the participants that soil fertility deserves more attention in Kenyan agriculture. The risks of soil degradation are a serious threat to food security and the development of Kenya as a whole, where agriculture is the largest economic sector.”   

Next training

Are you interested in attending our next soil fertility training? Please register for the next training on our website and we will inform you about our upcoming trainings and events.