Projects executed by SoilCares Foundation

SoilCares Foundation executes several projects to reach as many smallholder farmers as possible. Here we present 3 of our projects: the Scanning for Success project, the Food for All project and the AgriServices Project. 

Scanning for Success project

The Scanning for Success project started in June 2016, sponsored by Rabobank Foundation to introduce 150 SoilCares soil Scanners. The project aims to reach 75, 000 smallholder farmers with soil testing by implementing the first soil Scanners in Kenya.

Project partners are offered the option to use 5 Scanners for a training fee of €500,- per Scanner for 1 year. After this year the partner may decide to buy the Scanner or return the Scanner to SoilCares (final price depending on the number of scans reached). For more information about the project, please download the brochure here

Read here more about the first project results that were presented at an event in Nairobi.

Food 4 All Project Kenya

The Food4All project is coordinated by Solidaridad and sponsored by FDOV. The project has the objective to improve the livelihoods and resilience of households through improving access and availability of good food and livestock products, thereby reducing food and nutrition insecurity in the Eastern region of Kenya. 

Training of trainers

Within the Food4All project SoilCares Foundation is providing trainings to 500 trainers (Training of Trainers), that will in their turn train 2000 promoter farmers. In the end, 47000 farmers will be reached and will see their knowledge on sustainable soil management increased. SoilCares’ services will also be made available through collaboration with MeruGreens.

AgriServices Project

The objective of the AgriServices project is to develop farmer desired agri-services that are offered to farmers by young entrepreneurs. The projects is based on a human-centered design (HCD) approach to research the needs and desires of rural farmers, and translating these insights into valuable agri-(e-)services that can be delivered by youth entrepreneurs, leading to improved agri-productivity, farmers income and job creation for youth. The project aims to hit three birds with one stone: increased food security, farmers’ income growth, and job creation for youth.

The project is located in Kenya and will engage with at least 30 farmers, 6 farmer groups, 4 farmer field shops, 6 Agriculture Development agents, vets, 6 NGOs, 6 agri-technology suppliers, 6 e-farming service providers, 3 suppliers of seeds and inputs, 3 wholesale buyers of commodities, relevant ministries at county and national level.

The AgriServices project is funded by the Rabobank Medewerkersfonds.

Kenya Markets Trust Project

Kenya Markets Trust (KMT), a trademark of Market Development Trust, is a Kenyan organization that works in partnership with the private sector; county & national governments; associations; local and internationals partners to unleash large scale, sustainable market growth by changing the underlying incentives, capacities and rules that shape how market systems work. KMT has been following SoilCares since the very beginning and has decided to support its market introduction in a project on training local entrepreneurs to become soil experts. SoilCares will select and traing local entrepreneurs and perform market campaigns to creat demand for soil testing. KMT will support the project with its knowledge on market organisation and by funding the promotion activities.

Time: January – December 2018

Budget: 15.325.300 KES (approximately 125.000,= Euro)